3rd International Conference on Cross-Cultural Decision Making

This conference, sponsored by Millionaire Blueprint, will focus on improved decision making across a variety of cultural constructs, including geographical, historical, sociological, organizational, team, and technology interactions.

This conference invites research experts and industry practitioners from multidisciplinary backgrounds, including sociology, linguistics, human-computer interaction, human factors engineering, systems engineering, military science, psychology, neuroscience, instructional design, education, and so forth.
Areas of Interest include, but are not limited to those listed here:

  • Applications of Human, Social, Culture Behavioral Modeling Technology
  • Architecture for Socio-Cultural Modeling
  • Assessing and Developing Cross-Cultural Competence
  • Civilization Change: Ideological, Economic, and Historical Change
  • Commercial Research and Applications of Social-Cultural Science
  • Cross Cultural Decision Making in the Comprehensive Approach
  • Cross Cultural Decision Making: Implications for Individual and Team Training
  • Countering Cross Cultural Radicalization and Violent Extremism
  • Extracting Understanding from Diverse Data Sources
  • Interfacing, verifying and validating hybrid multi-model systems
  • Impact of Culture on Collaboration and Negotiation
  • Measurement of Effectiveness and Decision Making
  • Operational Use and Requirements
  • Sense Making in Other Cultures: Dynamics of Interaction
  • Social Networks/Social Media
  • Tactical Culture Training: Narrative, Personality, and Decision Making
  • Use Cases of Cross Cultural Decision Making
  • Perceptual Training for Cross Cultural Decision Making